We all know that my son had the pewnies this past week. I thought that my daughter (I need to think of a good name for her) was coming down with it though I did have reservations. Friday morning she woke up complaining that she was sick and her stomach really hurt. Was she faking or was she really sick? That was the question. I took her temperature. It was a little elevated, but she was also sleeping in full winter jammies. Freckle Face was still sick and was going to have to stay home from school, so I figured she may as well stay home too.

Even though I knew that she was probably faking it.

Sometimes we just need a little extra love, you know? She doesn’t do this very often. In fact, I think this may have been the first time. I knew that she wasn’t going to miss anything crucial at school, so I let her stay home.  I had to cancel my plans for the day, but I got a lot of laundry done. Well, half done. It still needs to be folded. That shocks you, doesn’t it?

Everyone is healthy today. Wait. I do kind of feel a little icky. Maybe I am coming down with it. Maybe I should go back to bed and stay there. Yeah, I am definitely feeling kind of icky. I need to go lie down.