fall-leavesI am not exactly sure that “pewnies” is spelled correctly. In fact, I am not exactly sure if that is even a word. I can tell you the they have arrived at our house. They were uninvited, and I really hope that they don’t stay long.

The “pewnies” is what my dad calls being sick. If my dad came home from work to find me lying on the couch, he would say, “Oh no. Do you have the pewwwwnies?” He would laugh, and I would say, “Dad! Leave me alone. I don’t feel good.”  And then he would say, “The pewwwnies. The pewwwnies.” Make sure that you emphasize the ewww part of it. Also bring your voice up an octave. I know. I didn’t say it was pretty.

Oh, the good ole days.

The term stuck. Freckle Face has the pewnies. Poor thing. He spent the day on the couch. We watched Finding Nemo. (Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.) Then he slept. Sleeping in the afternoon never happens for him. That is how I know that he is really feeling lousy. When he awoke I read him Squids Will Be Squids. If you have not read this book, you must do so now. After you read that one you must read The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales.  You won’t be disappointed. He seems to be feeling better now, but The Girl is not feeling very well. Great. I better not get what they have. I will ground them from video games for a year if they get me sick.

Nope, the picture means nothing. I just like it. It is fallish. Do you think I need to rake?