I think some of us are better at it than others. I also think that we are better in some areas than we are in others. For example, I don’t mind so much if women know that I am not a perfect homeschooler, but I really want people to believe that I live in an immaculate house.

Of course, as any homeschool mom will tell you, an immaculate house isn’t going to happen while you are homeschooling. Now that my husband is home too, it is never, ever going to happen. We are living in our house all day, every day. Is that what our house is for, anyway? Still, I want people to think that I have that part of my life together.

Isn’t it refreshing to talk to someone and be able to let your guard down a little bit? I was talking to a few moms the other day, and I could tell that we were all having a day. I made some comment about the battle we had had that day and how we got nothing accomplished. The other moms threw their hands in the air and said, “yes! Us too.” It must have been going around that day. We all felt a little better when we admitted that we weren’t having a banner day, and our teens were moody as they tend to be sometimes.

I love it so much when a mom that I admire walks in frazzled and says something like “Look at this. I have lunch down my shirt.” She has become real. We all have days. Every single one of us. No one has it together perfectly all of the time.

I forgot to tell you that I wore blue socks to the debate tournament. I had on my nice black slacks with a pretty blouse. All the parents were chatting in the parents’ lounge waiting for the first ballots to come out. I was feeling pretty uncomfortable at this point. I wasn’t chatting with anyone. I bent over to grab something out of my bag and saw my feet. BLUE SOCKS! This is what happens when you get dressed in the dark. It seems so silly, but I was pretty embarrassed. As I tend to do when I am nervous, I made a joke about it to the other ladies sitting next to me. One of them laughed and said, “At least you managed to get socks on!” She wasn’t wearing any with her black slacks.

This is life. A life where we are swimming upstream half the time looking for familiar landmarks. I love it when we are real with each other. When we admit that we are battling similar currents, and we help each other over the next ladder. Isn’t that what friendship and fellowship is? Instead of trying to out-do each other on Pinterest, maybe we should just lift each other up? I am going to try that instead. Be real. Be who I am. Love one another.