Last week was a giant blog fail. I don’t think that I wrote anything. I thought about writing a couple of things, but life happened. No, wait. Debate happened. Last week was all debate. We had our first debate practice tournament on Saturday. My son looked adorable.

20151107_083806We had to buy him a new jacket for the day. I hope that it still fits him by the time the next tournament comes around. If there is a next tournament. No, there will be. He liked it a lot. It was so much work. SO MUCH! The veteran debate moms are encouraging, but I feel like a newbie homeschool mom again in their presence. It was all very intimidating. Moms have to serve as judges.  I judged an advanced debate. The kids were so amazing that I forgot that I was listening to teenagers. Seriously. The whole thing was impressive. I also judged a novice debate. That was just plain cute. They will end up being fine debaters, but it must be a lot of work to get there.

The kids were all very polite and pleasant. The moms were intense and friendly. I was completely exhausted by the end of the day. Then, they tell me that normal tournaments are 3 days long. Nuh. Uh. That is it. I am not going to make. I know it. However, the kid likes it, so we will at least do it for this year. Lord, help me. And I mean that in all seriousness.

What else happened last week? Debate prep. Not kidding. I am going to know more about the federal court system by the end of the year than I ever wanted to know.

For all my complaining, he is going to meet some great kids. He, social kid that he is, thrived on the week. I spent all day yesterday Netflix binging trying to recover. I don’t know what my Myers Brigg thing is, but I definitely needed alone time after all of that.

Have you seen Zoo? One of the debate kids (see? There it is again.) told me watch it. It is good enough for a rainy Sunday recovering. I read the book. Patterson does not write anything too deep, so I am surprised that we have been able to get all these episodes out of one book. I will probably watch the whole thing. Because why not?

My husband has started working from home. Anyone else have this situation? We have a lot of kinks to work out. This is very new for me. All this time together. He is here. All. The. Time. I am more used to his absence. How does this work? This living together always. It wasn’t supposed to be like this until retirement retirement. I see myself doing a lot of shopping. That is not a good thing.

This week will be a better week. I suppose better is a subjective term.  We will probably get a lot more of other school work done. For me, that means a better week. My son would probably take the opposite side. (oh my goodness, there it is again!)

I have a friend whose birthday is this week! Happy birthday, dear friend! I miss you so much! And of course, I am late. Please forgive me. I hope you have a wonderful day!

I hope you all have a great week. Let me know about that work at home thing. Also, anyone from a sunny location who could send some sun my way, I would appreciate it! Thanks!