IMG_4969This is a picture that I have posted before. This is to remind myself that teens are fun. Teens are great! Well, the oldest isn’t a teen anymore, but I am still carrying around remnants of guilt from when he was a teen. I am going to count it. I seemed to have a hit a nerve with my last post on teens. I have more to write about. Last night was rough, but it is better today. Thank goodness.

Somehow my husband sucked me into the television drama The Walking Dead. I use the term drama loosely. It reminds me so much of Days of our Lives only with zombies. I hadn’t watched it with him before because I am pretty sensitive to violence, but this is just ridiculous. I am sorry if I offend anyone, but really? Where do they get all the gas? Why not shoot your friend who is getting eaten by zombies? Why do you just look at him all sad like?  Oh, I know. But still. THEN, we need a therapy session called The Talking Dead after the show so that we can all process it. I am not feeling it. Maybe it is because I am a late comer to the show. I would rather watch Broadchurch again. Have you seen that one? That is a good one. I recommend it.

Mitzi update: We have learned that we have to put all of her toys away at night. If we do that, she will sleep all night. She sleeps with us, but at least she is quiet about it. In the morning, she goes right to where we put her toys. She is no dummy. She knows where they are and wants them out now. She really is a funny cat.

We have since discovered that the water leaking from the ceiling is not from the roof. The joys of home ownership. It isn’t a terrible leak, but it is something that must be addressed. I am a little peeved because the people we bought the house from painted the spot as if it had been repaired. If it had been repaired, it wasn’t repaired properly. We have a call into a plumber. I am not really stressed about it (yet). It is just more annoying than anything to look at my ceiling with its wet spot. I still love my house. I just wish someone would come over and finish putting all my stuff in the right spots. Maybe clean it too. How is it that three people make such a mess? All we did this weekend is watch football and play on our electronic devices. It remains a mystery. I suppose I should get to it and should quit procrastinating. First, Twitter. Then housework. Yeah, good plan!

Have a lovely week!