My poor Mitzi. The squirrels and the bird ruthlessly torment her. I don’t feel bad for her. She torments me at 4 AM with her playing and crying. Whose idea was it to get her little balls with bells in them, anyway? I still am not sure what to make of her. She needs to be around us all the time. She follows me around the house, but I don’t dare pick her up. I have kitty toys all over my house. It is almost like having a two year old again. (Obviously, I have forgotten what it is like to have a two year old in the house.)

It is chilly here today. I woke up to a house temperature of 64 degrees. I am not turning the heat on in October, so we all have just dressed appropriately. I did the dishes already. If you are cold, do the dishes. That is what my Mom always said to me. I remember rolling my eyes and telling her that I wasn’t that cold. Now I understand. There is something nice about having your hands in warm, soapy water on a cold day. I don’t mind doing the dishes. It is actually one chore that I don’t dread. Anyway, I love fall. It is my favorite season.


I am drinking rose petal tea this morning. It was given to me by a friend when my mom died. Somehow it got pushed to the back of the cabinet, but in the move I found it. So delicious. I don’t need honey or anything in it. It is a sweet, flowery taste, and it makes me happy as I think of my friend.

Speaking of my mom, I miss her a lot. I think it is because we are heading to the holidays. I don’t know. I just wish that I could talk to her.

We bought a lawnmower yesterday. We were kind of procrastinating on that one. No, wait, my husband was procrastinating. He finally broke down and bought one. He said to me, “You don’t have to keep dropping the hints. I get that you think I need to mow the lawn.” I said, “Oh good. I was starting to wonder if I needed to be more blunt.” Anyway, there is something about owning a lawnmower that makes this house feel like it is ours. Oh wait, maybe it is the leak in the roof that we have to pay to have fixed. That makes it feel pretty real too.

I do have good news! Our irrigation system is not broken. The lawn finally dried up. Apparently we live on the top of a natural spring that feeds the lake. Who knew? So the water table is very high. When you get over a foot of rain, it takes awhile for the water to find a place to go. Some lawns in our neighborhood are still draining. It is pretty crazy. Scott and I were wondering why it looked as if water was coming up through the pavement. It was.

We have a regular school week this week. I am proud to report that my son has changed his study habits and is no longer failing his math tests. In fact, he would have had an A on this last one if he hadn’t skipped an entire problem. I marked it wrong. I didn’t give him another chance to do it because that is how awful I am. What do you want to bet that won’t happen next time? Or maybe it will. I don’t know. Teenagers are unpredictable. But anyway, big Biology test this week. We are finishing the bacteria modules, and then I get to surprise him with a quarterly test. He is just going to love it. I KNOW it!

I am getting a lot of traffic on my Apologia Chemistry posts.  Maybe I will start working on those again. I will have a Chemistry student next year. It wouldn’t hurt to get my brain going in that direction again. I did see that Apologia came out with a new edition to their text. Is anyone using it? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them.

Have a wonderful week, friends!