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I kind of left you hanging yesterday, didn’t I? It is all fine and well to tell you that your kids need to learn to study, but it doesn’t always come easy for everyone. Sometimes it takes a few tries with different methods. That is fine. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.

I thought I would do a little searching around the web for you in order to get you started.

Here is an interesting site to get you started.

how to study

This website has several pages of articles and tips for studying. It also has a few free assessments to see where your study weaknesses are hiding. Of course, it also has a few places to purchase their material. There are also several links and articles on teaching. Many of the tips are geared for the classroom teacher, but there are some gems in the mix for homeschoolers as well.


You caught me. Outlining is my favorite method of study, but that is because it works for me. There really is a right way to outline. If you use Rod and Staff Grammar, it teaches the old school, right way to outline. It is even a bit too formal for me. If you have ever used IEW, then you are probably familiar with the key word outline which is a little to simple for study if you ask me. Although, his method seems to have great success teaching writing.  I think the right way to outline is somewhere in the middle with a little of your own style thrown in for good measure.

A quick look at outlining a textbook chapter.

The basic form of an outline.

How to outline your textbook.

I want to add a little something here. Science and history textbooks are generally fairly easy to outline unless you are using Apologia. The conversational style of Apologia is going to make a straightforward outline more difficult. That doesn’t mean that you can’t take notes or form a study guide of your own from an Apologia chapter. It just means that more creativity is in order.


Anyone else tortured with this method of study in the 1980’s? I was. Looking back I realize it was wonderful that my teachers taught me how to study in school, but I sure did despise it at the time.

A general overview of the method.

It doesn’t get more complicated than that. We had to outline all our chapters as well. This is the method I used to ace that A/P test that I was telling you about yesterday.


  • notecards- make some in fun colors too.
  • Different colors- add different colors to your outline. Use colors when drawing diagrams for study notes.
  • Drawing pictures- some people remember things better with pictures.
  • Practice problems- this will work the best with math and science.
  • Set your vocabulary to music- it isn’t just for the littles.
  • Add movement- walk around while you quiz yourself with notecards. It helps.

Please feel free to add any tips in the comments that you find helpful. We all want successful kids!