“Let’s get another cat,” I said.

“It will be fun,” I said.

She is a nightmare.

Let me introduce you to Mitzi. So named by my youngest son. I love the name. It is a cute, catchy name. Plus, cats naturally respond to names that end with the long e sound. Or so I have been told, anyway.


She looks like Toby, doesn’t she? I will admit that it may have been part of the reason that I selected her from a montage of pictures I viewed online. She looked so sweet in her pictures. Just like she looks sweet here.


All cuddles and love. Pictures are deceiving.

She does not want to cuddle, and she does not want your love. She wants to eat you.

That picture up above where she is showing her belly. It is trap. She lures us, and the minute we pet her, she attacks. We aren’t sure what to make of that, but we do feel abused and deceived.

The only time she wants our love is at 3 AM. She will scratch at the door and beg to be let in. We let her in and she climbs all over us. Don’t try to pet her, though. Just acquiesce to her demands. It is terrible. Either let her walk all over you, or listen to her cry at the door. It is a difficult decision.

She can be fun. She loves to play. In fact, she will even play fetch. She annihilates shoe laces and shreds paper. She climbed the attic ladder today before my husband even had it all the way to the floor. That was not fun. She is one smart cookie. We aren’t sure whether to laugh or kick her out the door.

We even contemplated getting another cat. I KNOW! Crazy as that sounds. I don’t think we will. She is so moody and disgruntled that I don’t think she would like anyone else playing with her things much less possibly sleeping where she wants to sleep.

She does like us when she wants to like us. She wants to be in the same room as us. That is a plus. Just don’t touch her. She is the opposite of Toby. Toby was a lover not a fighter. She is a fighter not a lover. If anyone walks by the window she growls at them. She has never growled at us, so we aren’t sure if she is protecting her property or afraid of the strangers.

I have a feeling that there will be more posts about Mitzi. The cat who beats us up, but we keep coming back for more. We are dummies. She already controls us. She is a keeper.