And so we have begun again. Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in one of those never ending songs. You know the ones. The one like Michael Finnegan. You sing the verse and at the end of the verse the kids shout “Begin again!” Then you cringe and wonder what has brought you here again.

That is me.

Then I remind myself that this is what I have chosen. Suck it up, girlie, and get the show on the road.

You would think it would be easier since I am down to one kid. In some ways it is, and in other ways it is more challenging.

It is easier because I am only teaching one kid. I am not flipping back and forth from Chemistry to 7th grade math. My brain became well-trained in switching gears. Too trained, in fact. I find myself switching gears too easily now. Or is that part of being over 40? I don’t know, but I digress. I love that I can focus on one subject at a time. I love that I have more time for science experiments. We also have more time to focus on the extra-curricular. When you only have one child to drive around, he gets to pick what he wants to do. He also gets more than one activity. That had always been the rule, one activity per kid. Now, who cares? It is just him. That is definitely a plus.

And yet, I only have one kid. Guess who he talks to all day. Me. Guess who doesn’t like to be alone. Him. Either I find a lot of things for him to do, or we drive each other crazy. This is the challenging part for me. Because I have almost reached my limit of homeschool toleration, I need to find activities that do not involve me. I know, I know. It looks so awful when I type it out, but it is true. We are together all the time. He wants me to be involved as much as I want to be involved. In other words, not involved at all. Fortunately, I have found a few things which fit this criteria. All it means is that I am driving him around. A lot.

So there you are. I have given you a quick wrap up of what our homeschool year will look like. Driving around. It is always funny when I run into other long time homeschoolers. The conversation revolves less around our book choices and more around how we just wish we could graduate them already. I love that.

I hope you have a rewarding school year!

Is it May yet?