I thought I would drop you guys a line and update you on what is going on at the Tressays house.

Well, it is 3 weeks from retirement. As of right now, my husband does not have a job lined up. To say that it is a stressful would be somewhat of an understatement. He is on leave now until his retirement date. We get to look at each other a lot now. I am used to not seeing him for two months. Now I get the opposite. I get to see him every day, all day for 2 months. Good stuff right there.

In order to deal with some of this stress and uncertainty, he convinced me to go to the gym with him. The last time I stepped foot in a gym was in Singapore. So, 18 years ago give or take. I don’t like gyms. Let’s be honest. I don’t like exercise. However, we need something to do while we wait to hear on the many jobs that he has applied for all over the country, so I went. It wasn’t horrible. Not my favorite thing to do either. He had an errand to run this morning, and when he gets back I think we are going to the gym. Lucky me.

Let’s see…what else? My oldest has been working in Connecticut with my mother-in-law. She gave him a job at one of her stores and has let him stay with her for most of the summer. Such a blessing! He is working a lot of hours and should have a good bit of money before he heads back to school. My daughter has quit her job at Dunkin Donuts (I can say it now. It was the worst run store on the planet. I can say that too.) She will be taking care of a baby for the next month instead. No more having angry customers yell at her for circumstances beyond her control.

As a side note, get a grip, people! It is fast food. That kid that you are yelling at makes $5/ hour after taxes. It is not their fault that the store is  out of your favorite coffee. Move along and get a life. If it bothers you that much, you might want to look into getting some therapy.

After all my back and forth nonsense about what to do with Freckle Face next year, I have decided to homeschool him for the rest of the foreseeable (that doesn’t look right) future. I know it isn’t going to be easy. I know that we are going to have a large share of disagreements and troubles, but I know (and I say this with a bit of foreboding) that it is the right thing for him.

I have gone back and forth with myself about whether or not to start a homeschooing motivational, coaching type thing. Right now I can barely see past August, but I think it is something that I would like. I don’t know. We will see. Education is becoming so work place driven, and I learned a lot this past week about the future of STEM.

Speaking of that, I had a conversation with a good friend who is an engineer for a company that shall remain nameless. If you think that sending your kid to school for engineering is going to guarantee them work, be careful. Right now, it is Ok. But things are changing, and the trade bill that is being pushed through is going to change it even more. We are told there is a lack of engineers. But it is really a lack of engineers that are willing to work for peanuts. Guess where there are a plethora of engineers that will work for peanuts? Yes, Asia. The news story that came out of Disney is going to be happening more often.

This post was all over the place, but it is good to see you again. I guess I will get ready to go to the gym.