I can’t bear it either.

Speaking of Toby, he is doing better. I took him to the vet last week, and almost six hundred dollars later, we think we know what is going on. I know for sure that he isn’t dying. His airways are very blocked, and it is giving him asthma. He is on kitty bronchodilators and strong antibiotics. He is eating again. He still isn’t sleeping normally, but at least he can cuddle with us again. He is such a good kitty that I have justified spending the money on him even though it is against my better judgment. My poor baby.

I mentioned last week that Scott had a job interview. It went well. The seemed to like him. He then had to take a logic test. I don’t get it. You either like him and you like his experience or you don’t. What is up with all these companies requiring lame exams? After they review his exam results, they will set him up with another interview. We will see. The whole thing is exhausting, and neither one of us is talking about it. Someone at church yesterday said that after July we will get to make all our own decisions. It doesn’t really feel like that right now. It doesn’t feel like we are making any decisions.

My friend, Karen, at Living Unabridged posted some great links this weekend. One of the links, Rigor and Rest, really had me thinking. So much of our homeschool day is focused on just getting the work done. We want to move on to the next thing so that we can move on to what really want to do. For Freckle Face that thing is Minecraft. For me, it is playing on my iPad. Maybe we should slow down, and instead of checking off every box for the day try to appreciate again what we are learning? I don’t know. I used to be like that. Somewhere along the line I lost it. We are trying something new today. I will let you know how it goes. I have the feeling it is going to require more work from me which is usually a hindrance. My friend Deb asked me recently, “Why can’t the lazy way be the right way?” Man, I wish it was.

I don’t have too much to say today. I have a lot of domestic things to do today. I also need to get my head in the game and start the process of decluttering. I keep saying that I will get started, and then I play Bejeweled instead. It is amazing how much junk a family can accumulate after only three years. Maybe I will start in the  pantry and work my way into it.

Have a wonderful week!