Jar for tips at a restaurant in New Jersey

I have to admit that I become grouchy when I see a tip jar sitting at fast food establishments or coffee shops. I have been known to throw in my change, but that is about it. I had this attitude that all these people are doing is making me a cup of coffee. It takes 2 minutes. I tip very well at sit down restaurants, but for some reason that did not carry over into tips at counter service establishments.

It is time for me to rethink this idea. (My daughter’s job is making me rethink a lot of things, and I am not a fan.) She works at a place that has a tip jar sitting on the counter. Again, I would usually not put any money in the tip jar. She is making minimum wage. What she is doing doesn’t require any skill. It shouldn’t be too hard. Except sometimes it is.

I am not talking about the actual work involved. It is the customers. You should hear the stories that she tells. I can’t believe the attitude of some people. People want 5 star service and quality. One gentleman complained to the store owner that the coffee is never good at her store. My daughter wanted to ask him why he comes in every day. She didn’t get it. If you don’t like it, don’t patronize the store. Some people enjoy complaining and making life difficult for the people they feel are beneath them. Not all customers are like this, but it just takes one to ruin her day. It makes me want to tip in order to counter act all the nonsense that these poor workers have to deal with.

What about that minimum wage? This is another reason I am thinking the tip jar. I have stated before that my daughter deserves minimum wage. She is a new worker. Minimum wage is enough for her. The only expense my daughter has is her cell phone bill. (We are mean parents and make our kids pay for their own cell phones.) We have also asked that she puts gas in the car every now and then, since she is primarily the one using it. The rest of her money is hers to save and to blow at World Market. The thing is that she is in the minority age of employees. Most of the people she works with are older adults. Some have children. They are working hard to make ends meet and have been good teachers for her.  We can say until we are blue in the face that minimum wage jobs are for the young. They are for teenagers and inexperienced job seekers. However, what I am seeing, not only at her place of employment but also at others around town, is the majority of these jobs are filled with older workers. That is the reality, at least in my area. We can go around and around as to why this is, but I am just stating what I see.  Since I believe that raising the minimum wage can be problematic for the economy, the best answer for me seems to be the tip jar.

From now on, I am going to drop some money in the tip jar. I truly believe in helping each other out anyway. I am just sorry that I didn’t realize all this before. I would rather we help each other than rely on the government to do the helping. I suppose my tip may not make a huge difference, but it is a start. If I can afford to buy a coffee, I can afford a tip for the tip jar.