alyssa baby

My daughter will be celebrating her birthday. I can’t believe that this day has come. I always laughed at people who said “it feels like yesterday that you were little” or “they grow up so fast”. Now, I know what they mean. It really does go fast. Not that I am complaining. I love this stage.

My daughter was born in Singapore. She was born on a Chinese lucky day. The hospital was very crowded because many women choose to induce on the lucky days. I was being induced, but it had nothing to do with the day. She was sitting on my pelvis wrong and every time I moved, pain shot through me. Doctors in Singapore induce all the time (at that time, anyway). When I called my doctor, she called me right in to the hospital. She told me there was no reason for me to be hurting. I agreed. She was born that day without too much trouble.

The hospital photographer came in the next day and told me that he couldn’t believe it, but she actually smiled at him for her picture. He was just shocked and went on and on about it. I thought maybe he was just tying to get me to buy the pictures, but I did buy them. You can see that she indeed smile for him. She wasn’t even 24 hours old in that picture above.

After she was born, we lived in Singapore another year. I lost count of how many people asked to take a picture with her. We would be sitting in a restaurant, and people would stop by our table and ask if they could hold her and take a picture with her. Of course, we said yes. We were used to it already since our older son is in a lot of pictures too.

Now she is all grown up. She is working very hard. She is almost finished with her schoolwork and will graduate next month. She works almost full time at her current job. She brings me home presents all the time from work. I love it. It is how I know that she loves me.

I love her too. To the moon and back.

Happy Birthday!