My husband had the day off the other day, and instead of sitting home we decided to find something unusual. it was a drive, but it was worth it. We took Freckle Face with us and made a day of it. We found the Old Sheldon Church.


Pretty cool, isn’t it?


Burned twice. How awful is that?


You can still the burn marks on the church. In spite of that, I thought it was a peaceful place. It is also the resting place of several people. I like old cemeteries.


There were several young children buried in the church yard. Freckle Face found it all depressing. I, on the other hand, think it is a reminder that we are all placed on this earth only for a time. We all die. Some of us get to walk the earth longer than others. Some of the inscriptions on the headstones were very moving. It reminds me that we all leave people behind. Grief is part of this broken world. My grief is not unusual or new.


It says, “And now Lord what is my hope? Truly my hope is even in Thee.”


The church is beautiful. It was worth the trip in the driving rain to visit it.