One year ago, my mom crossed from this life into eternal life with God. I see her on her death bed, and I imagine Jesus taking her by the hand and walking with her through the gate. I do not believe we have to die by ourselves. Jesus promised that He is with us always. That includes when we die. So even though I couldn’t see it, I know that He was with her.

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This picture is so funny. My mom, my sister, and I went shopping in Seattle. We were supposed to spend lots of money. Mom was in the process of spending her 401K, because why not, right? I took this picture after we shopped at Nordstrom. She was so excited to have found a pair of shoes. We didn’t even look at prices while we were in there. Well, wait. That isn’t entirely true. When purses are chained to the counter, you have to look for curiosity’s sake.


Here is an oldie but goodie. At Christmas, before we all were eating gluten free, we would get together for a huge baking day. This was the product of 10 hours of baking.

mom birthday

This is a picture of her on her 60th birthday. We threw an amazing surprise party for her.

mom surprise birthday

Here is the surprise. My sister and I talk all the time about how glad we are that we did this party for her. It was a fancy party. We had it at a restaurant, and we made it a big deal. She was in her glory, and I know that she felt loved and appreciated. We didn’t know at the time that we wouldn’t have many more years to tell her this, so we are very glad we did it then.

Yesterday, while at the store, I came across a woman that looked just like my mom from the back. It caught me off guard and made me suck in my breath. I actually stopped in my tracks. It is the strangest thing to have to remind yourself that it isn’t her. Even though she I wouldn’t run into her here if she was alive, it was still unsettling. I miss her.