Random-Monday-Main-Final1Another day, another dollar.

People are making a big deal about Cinderella’s tiny waist in the new movie “Cinderella”. This is proof positive that people like to make a big deal about everything. I absolutely believe that it is her own waist. I guess I am not getting my panties in a bunch about the whole thing because I was blessed with a small waist. I have always had a small waist. It is genetic. Even now after having three babies, my waist is still small. If I was a young woman, who had not had children, and was put in a tight corset, I could have probably have had her waist. I am not bragging. There are difficulties that come with this issue. I have a large back side. I carry all my weight there instead. Do you know how difficult it is to find pants that fit me? Anyway, yes, it is her waist. Seriously, people. How many of you have been pregnant? Did that baby squish all your organs into improper places? Of course the baby did. Same as with a corset. It isn’t a big deal.

(Just for fun, I measured my waist. It is 28 inches. If I suck in my stomach, it is 27 inches. Now, my hips are a fun 41 inches. See the issue?)

Speaking of the issue. I went shopping for new clothes on Saturday. I bought 4 dresses. Do you know why I bought four dresses? Because I could not find a pair of capris that fit me correctly. The dresses out there are so pretty this year. I can try on any dress, and it fits me. I have to take so many pants into the dressing room, and to come out with zero that look good on me is depressing.

In family news, I spoke with my oldest this weekend. He was in a stellar mood because he took 2nd place in a short story contest on campus. My daughter is working very hard. We all hear how tired she is. All day long.  I suppose I would be tired too. Freckle Face is currently working on math. It is just your typical Monday around here.

Have a good week!