First of all a correction. The picture I posted yesterday is NOT of my husband’s first reenlistment, but of his promotion to E-5. That also happened in 1993. Here is how the conversation yesterday went.

“Look what picture I put on my blog today.”

“Oh, man. That is an old picture.”

“It is your first reenlistment, right? Because that is what I put on my blog.”

He is laughing. “No, that is my advancement to E-5. I did my first reenlistment in my dress blues.”

“Huh. You did? Well, I wouldn’t know that would I? Because I wasn’t there!”

Still laughing. “You weren’t there for my promotion either.”

“HELLO! You were deployed. It makes it a little difficult to be there.”

He started pondering. “You missed a lot of my promotions and stuff.”

Me, “Well, it helps if you tell your wife that you are reenlisting for one thing. And another thing, if you would have focused on promoting when you weren’t deployed that would have made it easier for me. Sheesh! So inconsiderate.”

Seriously. As I sit here thinking, I was only present for his promotion to E-7. For whatever reasons, I missed all the other ones.

Anyway, since my daughter started working, I have been trapped in my house. There is something about being stuck at home not because you want to be but because you have to be. However, I am not driving her to work when I don’t need the car. I am also not buying her a car. I am very glad that she is working, and I can deal with the inconvenience for a little while.

I obviously have nothing of any substance to talk about. I just bribed my son with Pop Tarts if he works faster. He is really concentrating now.

Actually, that isn’t true. I have a lot I want to write about. The question remains on whether or not I should. How will it be received? Should I even care? Topics that include dying, antidepressants, anxiety, depression, and faith. I don’t know. I will think about it.

Have a good weekend. I will see you next week.