Today is March 16, 2015. Like you didn’t know that, right? I have writer’s block. Can you tell?

It is the beginning of “green season” in South Carolina. The temperatures are warming, and the trees are blooming.


I meant to take a picture of a more beautiful tree, but this one will give you an idea. This is a tree that is tucked in a mesh of crazy, wild woods behind my house. Soon the wisteria back there will be in full bloom. That is my favorite.

I had a rough week last week, for no particular reason. So, I will let you in on a little secret. I ate so much gluten last week, and it was wonderful. I made my homemade rolls that everyone loves. I had two. They were like liquid gold in my mouth. I had forgotten how wonderful glutenified products taste. Did I pay for it? Oh, yes. I paid for it. Fortunately, it was only one day that I felt completely miserable. Scott took good care of me. He told me that he feels really bad for me that I can’t eat gluten. I feel really bad for me too. It isn’t so bad when there are things to eat around me, but when the groceries get low, or we are out antiquing, it is more difficult to be faithful. Every time that I eat gluten I hope and pray that I won’t have a reaction. That somehow my body will have cured itself. Unfortunately, it never seems to happen. It is pretty depressing even after three years. I am not mad that I cheated. It was great. I am behaving again and feel better. Just a little advice for you. If you meet someone that can’t eat gluten, don’t say “Wow! I could never do that. I love my bread too much.” Most of us love bread just as much as you do, so just say, “I am so sorry. That must be difficult.”

I haven’t read any articles this week that made me think. I guess everyone else has writer’s block too.

In family news, Scott has taken some time off the job search. He needs a break, and he has time. My daughter may have a job after all. What a nightmare. And people wonder why teens aren’t working. Freckle Face is just Freckle Face. He is complaining that Algebra “just takes forever!” As I like to tell him, “It isn’t Algebra’s fault that you keep copying the problem wrong.” Homeschool mom for the win!

Have a great week!

WAIT! I do have an article for you! This is amazing.

In the midst of these storms, what we need is not a list of spiritual principles by which we can row the boat of our lives safely back to the harbor. What we need is not a coach, standing in the prow, telling us, “Row harder! Pray more fervently!” The last thing we need is for someone to start singing, “Your hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus and your righteousness.” We don’t need “Jesus and….” Good God, we’re dying and you hand us our own coffin?

Go read the whole thing. What’s an Anchor Doing in the Holy of Holies? Right now I have a lot of uncertainty in my life. I find these articles so comforting.

Ok. For real this time. Have a great week!