The time change is messing with my internal clock. This whole change the clock back and forth thing is getting really old. Pick one and stick with it. I can almost hear our elected officials saying, “Mwahaha! Now let’s do a real number on them and make the time change happen even earlier!” I think it is so hard for me because it is supposed to be light in the morning. It was still dark at my house at 7 am. This is wrong. How is my body supposed to understand that it is time to get going when it is still dark outside? Dark is for sleeping. It is no wonder we are all addicted to caffeine.

During my Saturday morning blog reading, I came across a frugal living blog, Creative Savings, that had a creative idea to get rid of the dish rag funk. I can’t even tell you how much I dislike the funky smell of my towels even though I bleach them. She suggested boiling them in baking soda. I was bored enough to give it a try. It actually does work! My towels no longer have a hint of funk. If you have some time to kill, you can give it a try.

After my little foray into frugal living, Scott and I went antiquing. We both needed to get out of the house. I just entered “antique stores” into Google maps and picked one. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t work. This time it worked. We found a very nice antique store about a hour away. At first we weren’t sure what to expect because we had to ring the bell to get into the store, and then the store owner locked the doors behind us. If she hadn’t been a sweet, older lady, we may have been more concerned. After the initial shock of having the door locked behind us, we found the store to be wonderful. She had amazing furniture. Most of it was out of our price range, but we sure had fun dreaming. We did end up finding a cute display table to use as Scott’s shadow box for his retirement. He had been looking online at different shadow boxes. They don’t come cheap, and he was hesitant to spend $500 on something that we just have to haul around. Instead, the table is a better fit for him, and was less expensive. It will make a great conversation piece, and it makes less of a statement. He isn’t interested in making an “I love me wall” in our new place.

On a more serious note, my favorite reading this past week was from Chad Bird. The Dark Sacraments in my Jail Cell paints a vivid picture of myself. I can see how I love to nurture my wounds. I have mentioned before that control is my idol.

You are forgiven in the light, yet there is a certain twisted consolation in thinking I am unforgiven, because that sin to which I’m bound is a drug to which I’m addicted.

I am addicted to control. If I just have the control, I can make it right. More control. I  need more control. When will I have enough? Only never. Because it is a drug, and I am addicted. God wants me to be free. Can I let go and have the freedom He wants me to have? It is definitely worth a read.

In family news, it looks like my daughter may not have a job after all. I think it may work out for the best, but it is discouraging. Toby, the cat, is sick again. It looks like he may need Prednisone long term. Scott is still job searching. I am doing a lot of reading and cross stitch. A day in the life.

I have a school funny. Freckle Face is studying the planets. We learned that Venus takes 243 Earth days to rotate once around its axis. I thought this was fascinating. Since Freckle Face always takes things to the next level, he said, “Wow. So, if some cowboys went to Venus and agreed to meet at high noon, they sure would be waiting a long time.” Yes, I suppose they would.

Have a great week!