Everyone morning I wake up and brew a pot of coffee. I then sit down and read Facebook. I follow a few local antique stores and used furniture shops on Facebook. It is fun to see the new things in the shops without having to leave my home. Yesterday, in my news feed the local used furniture shop posted a few pictures of two lamps they had recently acquired. I looked at the pictures, and I could hear the lamps saying my name. “Tressa, you need us. We would look beautiful in your bedroom. You know that we would.” Yes, why yes, they would look beautiful in my room. Hard to argue with that. Under the pictures, the store had written a small description.

Pair of Stiffel Lamps
36″ tall
$ More than I should pay for a set of lamps

 Now, I had no idea what Stiffel lamps were. That name didn’t mean much to me. Neither did I pay much attention to the height. The price? Yeah, I noticed that. BUT! They were so pretty! I couldn’t stop looking at them. They were still saying my name.

I showed Scott the pictures when he came home for lunch. “Yeah, I guess those are nice.” Really? You guess? They are the prettiest lamps I have ever seen! “Well, you better get them before someone else does.”

Now, you may think that this is permission. But this is not how our marriage works. This was a challenge. I don’t buy expensive things like this. That is why I collect vintage jewelry. I can buy a necklace for $10. When he told me to go get them, he didn’t believe that I really would. I can promise you that the last thing on his mind as he left to go back to work was a pair of vintage lamps that I had shown him on Facebook.

After lunch, I hopped in the car along with my daughter and drove to the store. The store is just a little hole-in-the wall mom and pop shop. He had the lamps in the back of the store. I could hear the lamps calling to me. They were even prettier in person.

“Mom, these are pretty expensive. What would dad say?” asked my daughter.

“Oh, he told me to come and get them. Besides, he never says ‘no’ to me,” I told her.

All right. This isn’t technically true. Although I am pretty spoiled. I could see she was in disbelief, but look, I was in the zone. The lamps needed to come home with me.

I am pretty sure the owner of the store thought that I was going to ask for a discount. I am not one much for bargaining even when I think there is a case for it. So today, I had no intention of asking for a lower price. The lamps had been in the store for one day. You don’t ask for a discount on day 1, but there was no way I was going to chance leaving the lamps at the store. I am pretty sure the store owner was relieved to find that  I was perfectly willing to pay full price. He went on to tell me the stories of many shoppers that  have asked for deep discounts on his merchandise.

“Why do people always tell you stories, Mom?” my daughter asked. “It makes me uncomfortable.”

Sorry, daughter. That really wasn’t my intention.

I made my daughter hold the lamps all the way home. She was still mildly in shock that I had bought the lamps. This should tell you how often I buy things like this. Only never. I was so happy all the way home. I just kept looking at them and smiling.

“You are so funny, Mom.”

Here is one of the lamps all set up in my room.

And here is an up close photo of the detail on the lamp. I am still smiling.

When Scott arrived home from work, I met him at the door. “You spent my money,” he laughed.

I am happy to report that he also likes the lamps very much. But really, how could you not? They are gorgeous.

I did a bit of research on Stiffel lamps. It seems they are a good quality lamp, but I could tell that when I lifted the lamps. They are heavy. They are made of brass and ceramic. It also seems that they are desirable lamps to own if you like vintage era lamps. I learned that I didn’t over pay for them, which was reassuring, but I don’t really care anyway. I bought them because I fell in love with them. They make me happy every time I look at them.

happy lamp