I spent almost my entire weekend reading. I read Dean Koontz’s “Odd Thomas”. It is an older book, but he recently released the final book in the series. I like starting a series after all the books are released. None of this waiting around nonsense. Anyway, I love his writing. I also read “The City” recently. That book showcases his writing without all the scary stuff, if you want to try something out. I also read “Station Eleven.” There is nothing like staying up way past your bedtime to finish a post-apocalyptic novel. I wasn’t quite ready for the ending of that one. I recommend it.

In military news, servicemembers are going to start feeling more of a pinch when it comes to our housing benefits. Tom Philpott reported last week, that those living on base will no longer have rental insurance covered in their lease. I don’t think that is a very big deal. Rental insurance is cheap, and many insurances companies just tack it on to your auto insurance. What I do see as a big deal is a change in the way they will be collecting rent for those living on post. Congress is going to be changing the percentage of what they will pay for housing to 99% of cost. That means the service member living off post will have to cover 1% of their own expenses. The kicker comes for those living on post. Not only will you have to sign over your entire BAH to the company, but you will also have to give them 1% your base pay. THIS is bogus.

I know that no one likes to hear what military life was like in the 90’s, but I am going to tell you anyway. Our housing allowance covered about 80% of costs, and this was usually only in the less than desirable part of town. People waited months to get into housing even if it was gross. Why? Because you saved money. They took your housing allowance and let you be. Housing is privatized now, and while I think there have been many improvements, the savings to the service member is not one of them. We live on post now, not because it saves us money, but because of the convenience. We could do much better out in town, but we choose to live on post because it is close to Scott’s work and all the other amenities the base offers. I try not to think of how much money the housing company is getting for this duplex that I am living in. NOW, the government is saying that on TOP of our BAH, we are going to have to pay an additional 1% from our base pay. Screw that. The writer at Spousebuzz talks about it more eloquently than I.  I normally wouldn’t jump on a rumor bandwagon about pay, but Tom Philpott is a trustworthy source. I am not sad that we are retiring. This is really a step backward.

I am sure that you are just dying to know how Toby is doing. I am happy to report that he is doing much better. He is no longer coughing, and he no longer sounds like Snufflelafagus. (I don’t know if I spelled that right.) He is a wily. I have to be certain that he doesn’t walk away and spit out his pill. He has been seen doing that. However it doesn’t matter how much if feels like I am torturing him, he comes back to me for lots of love.

My computer is dragging and needs a restart, so I am going to post this without a proofread. Living on the edge is what I do.