DSC_0542We took Monday since Scott was home from work. The kids also wanted a day off, so we made a deal with them. They could come to the park with us and walk the trails, or they could stay home and do their work. They chose to come to the park with us. This picture is proof that she didn’t really want to be there. Or maybe it was this one.


Freckle Face can have a good time wherever he goes. He spent the day jumping in almost every single one of my pictures. My daughter spent the day avoiding the camera.

DSC_0547This is how I know that Freckle Face watches too much TV. Here he is trying to attract the squatch by smacking a tree with a branch. Oh yeah. He and his dad watch that show together. Granted they spend the entire time laughing, but still. Do you know what it is like walking trails with a teenage boy making funny noises in order to see if he gets a reply? Just in case you have been fortunate enough to miss this experience, I will tell you. It is embarrassing.

DSC_0574I did find the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, so my day was complete.

On another note, sometimes my kids really surprise with their thoughts. I don’t know why it should, my kids are smart kids. I think it hits me out of the blue because sometimes in my head my kids are still five years old. Anyway, we were talking last night at dinner about how there wasn’t going to be anything on TV because the State of the Union Address was going to be on all the channels. Freckle Face says, “Do you think the president will talk about all terrorists and actually call them terrorists?” We discussed it for a bit when my daughter pipes into the conversation.

“It reminds me of Harry Potter.”

We look at her and wonder where she is going with this.

“In the early books no one will say the name “Voldemort”. He remains “He who should not be named” or “You know who” as if that is going to keep him from returning and attacking them. In the end, Voldemort comes anyway, and they have to fight him. All their pretending stopped nothing.”