Happy Monday! It has been a couple of weeks. Things have been a bit discombobulated around here, but I am still moving. It is the little things, right?

My son has turned 20. Yes, that is 2-0. I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around that one. It doesn’t seem possible. When I was 20, I met Scott. I wanted so badly to write something corny on his Facebook page, but fortunately, I am still young enough to remember how embarrassing that would have been for me, so I refrained.  Yeah. I am one awesome mom! I hope he remembers that. Happy Birthday, Matthew!

My daughter spent the past week in Orlando with a friend. When I say Orlando, yes, I mean Disney World. She spent an entire day at Magic Kingdom. Spoiled. It is a good thing that she is a babysitting extraordinaire. She spent a cool mint down there. “Mom, it isn’t my fault that everything that I wanted is so expensive.”  Hmmm.. I think I may have made a snarky mom comment. It was probably something along the lines of needs vs. wants, but it was her money that she spent. She works hard, so I am not going to get all up in her business. I hope she saved enough for her cell phone bill.

While I am talking about my daughter, I should mention that she was accepted to Bethany Lutheran College. She isn’t sure that is where she wants to go. In fact, she is throwing out all preconceived homeschooling notions and may not even go to college. I am proud of her anyway. It is all good. She will figure it out.

Freckle Face is going as Napoleon Dynamite for Halloween. Sigh. No other words are needed, right?