I am writing this mostly for myself because if I don’t get it down now, I will forget it because I am old(er), and the brain doesn’t work the way that it used to.

Freckle Face is still in love with the programming code Scratch. He gets on there every day and fiddles around with codes, games, and  all sorts of stuff. If your kid likes to be on the computer, check it out.

He was talking to me this morning and telling me that he can tell that a lot of parents are buying their kids the book “Help Your Kids with Computer Coding”. (It is the book I checked out from the library because I thought it would be fun. The first half of the book teaches kids how to code in Scratch and has a couple of step by step programs to get you started.) He says that he knows this because he sees these first games all over Scratch.

He goes on to tell me that he always makes sure to view these games and give them a “favorite” because he knows that they are new “Scratchers”, and he wants to encourage them. He is also impressed by how creative the new Scratchers are and the fun changes they make to the standard game.

My heart just melted. I am so thankful for his sweet heart and kind thoughts for others.