-The one that begins our 4th week of school.

-Elementary Greek. It burns. I think I am too old to do this. I tried to tell Freckle Face that Latin is more fun, but he was having none of it. Since he is motivated to learn the Greek, I want to encourage him, but my brain hurts. Fortunately, the grammar is similar to the Latin. I have that going for me.

-This blog post from Chad Bird is amazing. Control is an idol of mine. I strive to maintain control of all situations. It causes me great anxiety. If I could give it up, I know I would feel better.  I recommend all of his writings, but this one is especially good.

-My daughter is writing a big research paper. My husband is the one guiding her in this which brings me great joy. I can’t tell you how freeing it is not to worry about her writing assignments. Anyway, she brought home the book “Consumed” from the library to aid her in her research. I picked it up because it has big picture of a popsicle on the front. I flipped it open and read a paragraph.

These features of  modern utilitarianism with its roots in psychological “pleasure-pain” hedonism are worth noting because they suggest that infantilism has assimilated the utilitarian and instrumentalist inclinations of the age and used them to rationalize supposed “virtues” of puerility.


Take THAT!

He goes on.

The tensions between easy and hard have challenged every society, but ours is perhaps the first in which the adult institutions of a civilization seem to be on the side of easy. Ours rewards the easy and penalizes the hard.

Hmmm..I read on. It really is very good. It makes me want to read the whole book, but I also picked up “The Romanov Sisters”. I find Russian history fascinating. I have some serious reading to do.

-On a lighter note (pun intended), there was a baby hummingbird at my flowers last night. It was so little. We thought at first it was a dragon fly, but it was most definitely a hummingbird. I get excited about stuff like that.

And stuff like this.


We saw the sun with this telescope. So awesome! We were able to see three sun spots, and when the gentleman changed the view, we could see the flares (or storms, I can’t remember) that were shooting off the sun. I also learned that the sun is not burning. Um, what? Nope, it is fusing. It is converting hydrogen into helium. Nuclear fusion. He said there is enough hydrogen up there for the sun to continue fusing for another 10 billion years, give or take a few. haha! The sun going out is one thing I don’t worry about. (Good thing I have one thing, right?)

-Football season is upon us. I can’t decide what to do about that. I could embrace it since my husband is a big fan and it is going to be on the TV anyway, OR I could completely ignore it causing me aggravating irritation. I understand that football is a national discussion. It gives people something to get excited about and all that. I just have a hard time getting excited about it. (See above for things that do excite me.)

Maybe I should just suck it up and give it a try.

Have a good week! Go, sports!