It is Monday! Are you excited yet?

The following showed up in my Facebook feed.


Junk like this is one of the reasons that I am contemplating leaving Facebook. I just can’t, people. As my mom would have said, “Forget that noise.”  Do not grade your parenting on the emotions of your children. Have my kids ever told me that they hated me? I honestly don’t remember, but I know that they have felt it. I think that the person who wrote this doesn’t have a teenager yet. It is a balance and parenting should come first.

Speaking of my mother, have I shown you her memory candle yet? If I have, that is OK. Here it is again.


The candle is made from the flowers that were at her funeral. Inside the candle is a fuel cell, so the candle will never be used up.  I have been missing my mother this weekend. We sang the refrain for the  First Song of Isaiah in church yesterday. It made me miss her. We sang it at her funeral. It is a beautiful song. If you haven’t heard it, I found a pretty good rendition here. At my mom’s funeral the children and the adults sang it together. It was gorgeous.

In lighter news, my oldest went back to college on Saturday. He was so happy. It was harder for me this year. I think it is because I just put him on an airplane. I didn’t get to settle him into his space. Saturday afternoon my husband and I spent the afternoon taking down the bunk bed and putting up a single bed for Freckle Face. The bedroom is more comfortable for him now. We weren’t quite sure what to do with the bunk bed. We had had it for 14  years, and it showed. I wanted to give it away, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. My husband said we should just put it on the street. That is my least favorite thing to do because I think it looks so trashy. He told me that someone would pick it up. I was skeptical. We had broken the bed down. Why would anyone pick up a bunch of wooden boards? But I said Ok. Why not? He put the bed out last night and set the bag of hardware on top of all the boards.  It was gone 1 hour later. ONE HOUR. I wish that I had seen who picked it up. Not that it matters, but I hope that the person who picked it up needs it.

Have a great week!