How did I talk myself into doing this again? I don’t know how many years I have been doing this now. Is it 12 or 13? I suppose it doesn’t really matter. It is many.


My daughter is a senior this year. I look at her, and I have to remind myself that she is a senior. I still think of her in the 7th grade. Why is she not in the 7th grade anymore? What happened? It is a strange experience watching her drive away in the van. This is the last year that I will be able to make any decisions for her, and boy, do I want to make them all right now.

What her year looks like-

Religion– We only do this as a half credit course. We are starting this year with the Augsburg Confession. It is good stuff. Then probably move to Luther’s Commentary on Galations. I don’t have a lot of written work for this half credit. We spend a lot of time in discussion. If something interests her, we can do that instead.

Adv. Biology Human Anatomy– Even if she never works in the health business, I stand by my decision to make her study this. We all need a basic knowledge of how the human body works, or every time we visit Dr. Google we will think we are dying. We are not going to do too many of the labs. We are going to use Google images for most of the slides. She has 3 lab credits already. If any of the labs interest her, I will get the stuff. Otherwise, we will skip it. I am going to be adding in a study of drugs especially over the counter drugs. I want her to know the difference between Tylenol and Motrin. Different aches and pains call for different medicines. I want her to know the difference.

Statistics– I purchased the Life of Fred book. I read through it and bit, and while I found it entertaining, there isn’t enough there, in my opinion, to call it a credit. I am adding in my husband’s college statistics book. It is well written. There are lots of examples, and I have the CD with all the solutions. I am kicking myself for working harder than I wanted to work, but this is her choice. She didn’t want to study Calculus, and I didn’t want her to take a year off from math. We compromised. She will also be learning how to use Excel formulas and formatting. Also her choice.

English– My husband is planning this one. He turned the first bit into a critical thinking/reading class. She is not happy. He has made it hard. It isn’t so hard that she can’t do it, but he is going to make her work and think. I love it. She is reading from the Journal of International Affairs for her first two weeks. I know you are jealous.  Don’t worry. He is going to save all of his planning in the hopes that he can make it available later.

History– We are studying the modern world. History has always been my least favorite subject. I purchased Biblioplan mostly for the syllabus. It is good for Freckle Face, but too easy for my daughter. It is fine.

Video Editing– This one is her choice. I still have to purchase software for her. She bought herself a video camera and has been making short videos already.

Home Economics/Finance– Pretty self-explanatory. I figure that if I can carry a flour sack around in high school, plan a wedding, and get a credit for it, I can do the same for her. No, she won’t be carrying around the flour sack, but she will be learning to cook. You see what I did there, right?


My Freckle Face is in 8th grade. I sighed as I typed that. I really did. I am having a much harder time with this than I thought that I would. I still have junk lying around from his elementary years that I need to toss in the trash. He won’t need those counting dinosaurs anymore, Tressa. Denial. I am in denial.

What his year looks like…

Religion– He will be a second year confirmand this year. He has plenty to keep him busy there.

Math- Saxon 1/2. He maybe, maybe could have started Alg. 1, but why? I rushed the other two. Why rush? This will only solidify the concepts and give him more practice. We can skip if we want, or not. I am not worried about it. Today he said, “This math is so easy. I love it.” Enjoy it while I can.

Science– We are using the Apologia Physical Science text with the big spiral student notebook that goes along with it. I find the notebooks helpful in pulling out the important information from all the conversational dialogue. Yes, it is still my pet peeve. No, I won’t use anything else because I know how this works now. There is a lot to be said for that.

Elementary Greek– I do NOT know how he convinced me to do this with him. He told me that he might want to be a pastor when he grows up, and Greek will be helpful. He looked at me with those cute freckles. How could I say no? You wouldn’t have been able to either. I promise. I don’t know Greek. Sure, I may have said in passing that it would be really cool to learn Biblical Greek so I could read the Bible in its original text, but I didn’t really MEAN it. But now I find myself learning my Greek alphabet and Greek dipthongs. Lucky me!

English- I purchased the Jamestown program ages ago at a used curriculum fair. I am going to use it with him this year and throw a few books in for good measure. I use the Glencoe Literature guides that are free. He will also continue with Sequential Spelling and a bit of Rod and Staff grammar. I am also adding in the Reading Detective from Critical Thinking Co.

History– same as my daughter. I think this will be a good fit for him.

I don’t have a writing program for him. I will just add writing assignments from his English or History. Maybe if I feel creative one day, a writing assignment will come from his science.


I hope that this is a good year. I want it to be strong, but interesting. This is my dream, and a mom can dream.  There you go, Deb. Your turn!