This picture was taken at my mom’s funeral. The church set up their wooden cross, and people brought in flowers and attached them to the cross. It makes a stunning reminder that what comes from the cross is now beautiful.

My mom was adamant that her funeral be only about Jesus. Every time our pastor visited she reminded him. “Remember, Pastor. Don’t talk about me. Only talk about Jesus.”

He remembered. My mother’s funeral sermon was a beautiful sermon about Job and his suffering. Then, it was all about Jesus and what He has done for all of us in the midst of ours.

I love this picture so much. For one, it reminds me how many people loved my mom. The cross was filled to over-flowing with flowers. But it also reminds me that this is where all the answers are -at the cross of Jesus.
My mom knew that, and she wanted everyone else to know that too.

I had heard the phrase “cling to the cross” many times, but I never knew what that meant until my mom was dying and then even more after her death. When I am sad, I cling. When I can’t seem to figure out the purpose, I cling. Sometimes I am clinging by fingernails. I have even been known by Him to cry out in my prayer, “I could use a little help here!” And I cling.

At the cross. Where Jesus suffered for me. This is where all the answers are to all my questions. It is so easy, but it seems so hard. Should we have any worries when all our debts have been paid? Should we fear tomorrow, when we know that Jesus has already won the battle? The answer is so easy, but so hard for my sinful, doubting heart.

And so I cling to the cross. I just hang on. “My grace is sufficient for you,”He reminds me. “Do not let your hearts be troubled. I am the way, the truth, and the life. Take heart. I have overcome the world.”