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I miss her.

Grief is a very strange friend. Some days it leaves you alone. You can go about your whole day and not feel sad. Some days it follows you around everywhere you go. It picks and pokes.

My husband reminds me that it has only been 3 months since she died. That it is OK to still be sad. It is good he reminds me because I am still sad sometimes. Other times I am joyful for her because she doesn’t have to live in this broken world anymore. I guess that is how it goes.

We took this picture the day after Christmas. I had flown out early in the morning, and we took this picture the afternoon I arrived. She put on her Christmas clothes for our picture. I did too after this one was taken, but the picture isn’t as good. That was always mom. Making sure that we were in our good clothes for pictures.

I miss her.