Most of us have experienced it. The multitude of questions that come when someone finds out that you homeschool your kids. It is tiresome. Usually, I don’t take notice of it anymore, but a conversation that I had with my sister today gave me some blog fodder.

My sister homeschools, so it wasn’t her that asked me a gazillion questions. No, it was a conversation that she had with her physician. A physician that shall remain nameless. I hope that my sister doesn’t mind me writing about this, but she doesn’t read this blog anyway. (Are you reading this, sister?)

Anyway, my sister has a very good physician. One that happens to be at the top of his field. Seriously, he is one of the best in the United States. That is all I am going to say. He, once again, gave her the third degree about homeschooling.

Doctor: “So how long do you plan on doing this homeschooling thing?”

Sister: “Well, all the way,”

D: “Really! All the way!”

S: “Well, not through college. But yes, all the way through high school.”

D: “You can’t be serious. What about high school? How will you teach them high school? And college? What about college?

S: “Well, my sister just graduated her son, and he is off to college.” (Thanks, sister!)

D: “Huh. It is possible then, but seems like it would be difficult. All those transcripts and stuff.”

Ok, there was more to the conversation, but that is all that I need to vent my frustration.

Seriously? You are at the top of your field. The TOP of your field, and you have NO idea how a parent can educate their child through high school. Because, you know, you didn’t educate yourself at all. You spent no time researching things that other people hadn’t. You never once had to teach yourself something that someone couldn’t.

Of all the people that should get it, this guy should. The guy is very good at what he does. In fact, I am thankful for him. He takes very good care of my sister. I am just surprised that we have become so indoctrinated, so institutionalized that we can’t see outside of the box. That education doesn’t have to happen inside a building with people all our same age. What do you do when you want to learn something? You find some books. You look at YouTube. Maybe you find a class. We are all learning. All the time. I bet that this doctor, this very good doctor, is still learning. Even though he isn’t sitting in a classroom anymore.