Hey! It is Monday. Do you know what? I don’t mind. Do you know why? Because we are on summer vacation. Yes!

Yesterday I noticed a video popping up around Facebook. It is a video of a dad making his baby quadruplets laugh. It is so cute. Oh, I will just link to it.

I am sure many of you have seen it.

Anyway, I watched and giggled. My husband wanted to know what I was watching. “This dad is making his babies laugh. It is so cute. Here.” He watched a bit. He smiled and laughed. Because how can you not? Can I tell you how it warms my heart to watch my husband laugh along with babies?  Anyway…

He gave me back my iPad, and I continued watching the video. “You know,” I said. “I think those babies may be identical.” I continued watching. I reversed the video. “Yes, I really do think those babies are identical. What do you think the odds of that happening are? I mean, identical quadruplets! How amazing!”

“Oh, Tressa. Can’t you just enjoy the babies without getting all mathematical?” he says to me.

“Uh. No.  I am going to find out.”

He rolled his eyes at me and went back to his school work. I googled, and do you know, they are identical quadruplets. Also, they are much older now, and look like very happy little girls from the pictures.

So, in case you are wondering like I was, the odds of having identical quadruplets are 1 in about 13 million. I knew it would be amazing. But I found out something even more amazing.

On the 14th of February a woman in Texas gave birth to, not one, but two sets of identical twins. Is that not amazing?! (I am going to break my rule and use a question mark and exclamation point at the same time.) Two sets of twins. I was astounded. Do you know the odds of that happening? The odds are 1 in 70 million!

It gets better. The mom’s name is Tressa! I love it. I love finding other people with my name. (Did I tell you about the woman I met at World Market with my name? We talked a long a time. I was the only other Tressa she had met.) What are the odds?

Then, while googling for this story to link here, I found that ANOTHER woman in the U.K. also gave birth to two sets of identical twins. What a wondrous blessing.

On another note, since we are speaking of odds, I still haven’t received an answer from the math guys about the odds of my children all sharing the same day of the week for their birthdays.  I still think it is cool since they were not born on the same day of the week. My oldest was born on Thursday, my daughter on Monday, and my Freckle Face on Saturday. Now, it just so happens that their birthdays are always on the same day of the week every year. And because their birthdays fall after March 1, it will remain that way. I think it is cool.

And there you go. A small glimpse of what my poor husband has to listen to all the time. He probably wouldn’t mind if you pitied him a little.