Annnddd…it’s Monday. Again. I need another cup of coffee.

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope that you had a nice day. My day was nice. We grilled some burgers and watched movies. My husband bought me a new Messiah CD. My older two bought me a necklace, and Freckle Face bought me a giant chocolate bar because “a lady can never have too much chocolate.”

flowersThese are the flowers that my husband bought me. Kind of. My daughter and I had to run into the grocery store after church. I saw them and bought them. In line she says to me, “Mom, isn’t dad supposed to buy those for you?” Honey, he is.

My mom received some very good news last week. She has no new growth of her cancer, and even a little shrinkage. This is a miracle! I am very happy about this. She will continue with her chemotherapy and have another scan in three months.

I am mentally putting together our next school year. Do you know how much this pains me to do? This school year isn’t over yet, and I have to think about next year. It is enough to make me want to crawl into a hole and come out in three years. No, six years.

dinnerI want to read this book. This woman is a genius. She is right. During deployments, dinner time is the hardest time of the day. More often than not, my kids ate chicken nuggets by themselves because I needed a break. I could never have pulled this off because having someone over for dinner breaks me out in a cold sweat, but I admire this woman for doing this. What an amazing gift to give you to your children.

If you haven’t seen the gas pump practical joke, you must go watch it now. 

Hope everyone has a great week!