Random-Monday-Main-Final1It is Monday again. It seems like it comes around every seven days.

I made a dentist appointment for today. It is at 8:30 in the morning. I don’t know what kind of day I was having when I scheduled this appointment, but it must have been a good one. I am not sure what makes 8:30 am sound like a good time for a trip to the dentist.

We joined the other gazillion people and saw Iron Man 3 this weekend. It is so fun going to these movies with my family. I don’t mind Pixar movies so much, but I lost interest in the cartoons a long time ago. This is much more fun. I liked Iron Man 3. It was better than the second Iron Man. On the way home we hashed out our favorite parts of the movie.  Matthew said,  “You know, the Colonel is a pretty good shot for being in the Air Force.”  (No offense to any Air Force reader, but THAT is funny.)

For my homeschool friends. Something to show your kids. Writing Methods that Work 100% of the time-Except when they don’t. It is true. The grammar check in Word hates you.

Still no results. Maybe this week. I am so over the Navy. Have I mentioned that lately?

Oh my gosh! I am going to be overrun with cicadas.

We are coming into graduation season. Matthew officially graduates at the end of this month, but we aren’t doing anything except sending out announcements. He isn’t walking in a ceremony. He doesn’t want to walk in one, and I am fine with that. And not just a little fine. A lot fine. My high school graduation was so boring, and it was mine. There were 550 kids in my graduating class. I don’t remember anything about it. I don’t even remember walking across the stage. I am trying. Nope. Don’t remember it.  I think I may have a picture somewhere.

In the spirit of graduation ceremonies, I leave you with this.