I don’t go to Pinterest very often. I find that it breeds discontent in my heart, but lately, people have been posting things they find on Pinterest to Facebook. I spend plenty of time on Facebook, so I get to see all these things that pop up.

ed0e89f46a3217e67d9fbb1b0fb667b2This has been popping up a lot on my friends’ pages. Water that has been infused with fruits and herbs. Personally, I don’t get it. Why not just eat the fruit? Look at all the fruit you are basically wasting by sticking it in your water? If the fruit leeches into the water, aren’t you getting the sugar from the fruit but none of the good fiber? It is lost on me how this is a weight loss plan. Look at the citrus jar. Isn’t that just unsweetened orangeade? Couldn’t you just eat the fruit and drink the water. It seems wasteful to me. Herbs? I get the herbs.

e4360d11d886ce4fd3620c53e6a264e8This is hilarious. I want to bring this to my next senior spouse function just to see what they would say. I think I will bring the Grouch. For no reason in particular.

067098fd7ef86f2e70607ef82ccdd94fHas anyone tried this one? I have had a can of coconut milk in my pantry for who knows how long because of this exact picture. Yes, I bought a can of coconut milk over a year ago, and it still sits in my pantry because I am not organized enough to stick it in the fridge. If only I had the energy for that.

5779ea36e395d948b8cff058793f5952This. Who really eats like this? Be honest.  Are those three-leaf clovers on that salad? I am thinking there may be a radish on there too. A. (As in one.) Radish. Maybe some Craisins. If I ate that salad for lunch, I would be a starving monster raiding the potato chips one hour later. May as well eat the potato chips at lunch and kill two birds with one stone. I am all about a salad. I eat a lot of salads, but I am sorry. This one isn’t my cup of tea. (Side note: Do people pin these so that other people will think they are eating it? Hmm..)

0922f4ed82d7ed9ce90c14584882f54dNow this! This! This is what I am talking about. I am going to make this for my son to take to college. Right? Isn’t that a fabulous idea? I am sure that he will just love me forever if I gift him with this. Ok. Maybe not, but if he was 10 years younger I would make this. For sure. Because what Star Wars nerd wouldn’t love a R2-D2 garbage can? It is just carefully crafted duct tape. They make duct tape in all different colors now for the crafty people. Scratch that. I am making it, and he will LIKE it. How do people come up with the stuff? My gifts are not in the creative department.

But that is why we have Pinterest. Oh, Pinterest. You do make me laugh.