Welcome to a new week! Mondays are fun! Right? Someone tell me that they are fun.

The new picture on my header was taken at Magnolia Plantation. I took it while everyone was watching the snake. Much nicer than the snake.

I went kite flying last week. I love kite flying. There is a large, elevated field near my house which is a perfect place to fly a kite. The wind was consistent which made it is easy to get the kite aloft. I took the neighbor kids who had never flown a kite before. They didn’t realize that you didn’t need to run with it. Once I convinced them of that, I think think they had a good time. I had a wonderful time minus the fire ants. Fire ants are evil. Stupid Tressa wore sandals to the field. I should have known better.

Speaking of ants, the ants from Freckle Face’s ant farm escaped last night. Not all of them, thank goodness. We have captured or killed 5 of them this morning. They are close to their demise anyway. They have stopped tunneling and mostly eat at the seal trying to break their way free. Someone must have opened the lid last night and not put it on tightly. Anyway, it was a fun project. I recommend it. I don’t recommend letting them escape.


In case you missed it…