I love to go to the zoo. We are zoo members and go at least once a month.  I really do feel that you get the best experiences when you go often. Some days the animals aren’t very busy, but some days they happen to be in a mood and you see something interesting. Maybe the snake is digging in the sand. Maybe the orangutans are very noisy that day. Maybe the lions are doing more than just lying in the sun. You never know. We had a fun day. The morning was cool, so the animals were active which always makes for a good time.

DSC_0662Yeah, I get it. I don’t like to be bothered when I am sleeping either.

DSC_0672This will be me on May 24 celebrating the end of the school year.  He summed up my feelings quite nicely.



“Do you see how beautiful I am? I had a facial this morning.”

DSC_0683“What do you mean you don’t see it? I could eat you, puny human.”


“I am never eating at Lizard’s Thicket again.”



And then there were these in the garden. What are they, you ask? I don’t know. They were hanging from a tree. A ball of grass suspended by a string. There were many of them. They were like Christmas ornaments. I don’t know. I like them, and yet…

DSC_0718Don’t ever miss a chance to swing on a bench.

And my thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Boston. I wish that we didn’t have to live in a world that is evil, but we do. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.