Good Monday morning, friends!

We went to the zoo this weekend. What lesson did we learn? The early bird gets the worm. We always arrive at these kinds of things when the gates open. We left around lunch time when the line to get in the zoo wrapped around the parking lot. We had a nice time. I have some good pictures that deserve their own post.

The Master Chief boards meet this week. I am so conflicted about this whole thing. CONFLICTED! The good news, or the bad news (depends on who you ask), is that the chances of my husband being selected are only one in 8. Or maybe it is one in 10. I don’t know. The whole thing haunts me. I am not getting wife of the year this year.

I have been reading a lot of Young Adult fiction lately. It is about all that my brain can handle in its free time. I read Cinder  and then its sequel, Scarlet. I enjoyed Cinder, but sometimes this Young Adult books just go to far to make their story work. Of course, I know that I am not the intended audience, but seriously? So I moved back to the grown-up books, and I found that I just don’t want to read a book right now with grown-up conflicts. My daughter is reading Ovid right now. I forgot how much I enjoyed Metamorphoses. I read the first bit out loud to her. I think she wanted to crawl into a hole.

My kids told me Justin Beiber went to the Anne Frank museum. It seems that he was so moved by the story that he wrote that he hoped she would be a “belieber”.  OH. MY. GOSH. First? I have no words. No. Yes, I do. First, he owes the whole world an apology for his idiocy. No, for his idiocy and his terrible music. Second, the fact that I found the link on CNN. Why this is news worthy is beyond me. Of course, here I sit and talk about it, but I am getting to my point. Anyone hear of the Gosnell story. The abortion doctor that murdered babies born alive? If you do a search for it, you will find that the only reason the media is talking about it is because there has been a large campaign from conservative media to get the MSM to talk about it. Not because he is terrible, evil man. Bieber? We need to know what he said. Baby murderer? Meh. (NOTE: The articles about him are horrific. I can’t read them anymore, but it is important to know that this was going on. For years.)

And because I can’t leave you with such a sad story, I give you this…



navy spheals


Isn’t that the most hilarious thing you have seen all week? My Freckle Face found this online somewhere. (I thought he made it. He didn’t make it.) I almost spit out my coffee.