I didn’t know it, but there is a difference between a landscaped garden and a romantic garden. A romantic garden is a garden that works with nature. It has a somewhat “wild” look. Yesterday, my husband and I took a walk through a local romantic garden at the Magnolia Plantation in Charleston.







DSC_0593After walking around these gardens for awhile, we decided to walk through the historic rice fields where we were promptly chased off by this bird and 10 of his friends.



They were not happy with us and were very vocal in their displeasure. We think they must have been nesting in the tall grasses that lined the trail. Whatever their reasons, we turned around. They followed us a little way squawking at us. We understood. I was hot on the path anyway and was a little nervous that I might meet a snake.

Oh yeah, did I mention that we met one anyway?

DSC_0623This 4 ft. long black racer crossed my path while I was paying attention to this other wildlife.

DSC_0620Then as we stood on the path trying to decide who we wanted to watch, the alligator stalking the turtle or the very active snake in front of us, the snake got busy.

DSC_0626Lucky me. I saw him catch this poor, helpless frog. My husband moved in for some better pictures. I stayed clear of him. I was done with wildlife for the day.

This is more my speed.