I was riding in the car the other day with Freckle Face. From the back seat he says to me, “Mom, I know what the meaning of life is, and I can say it in three words.”

“Oh, really?” I said. Freckle Face is notorious for coming up with funny things. He is also notorious for talking just so that he can hear his own voice. To be honest, I was only half listening.

“Yeah! Want to hear it?”

“Sure. Tell me what it is.”

He says with a big smile on his face, “To glorify God.”

And with those three words I was pulled back from the cliff of self-pity that I have been standing on.

I haven’t felt like blogging very much. It thought that changing my focus would inspire me. It hasn’t. The truth is that I have felt like that in most areas of my life lately. I have been trudging through the muck. Trying to find something to inspire me.

I really don’t want this to be a poor Tressa post. It really is about those three words that Freckle Face gave me. My sweet Freckle Face that loves Jesus with all his heart. The boy who finds the positive in everything. And if he does have a day of frustration and sadness it doesn’t last very long. He brings so much joy to our whole family. Some days the joy is over-flowing and we wait anxiously for the neighbor kids to knock on the door so they may experience some of the joy. But overall, he is just joyful.

In other news, my oldest leaves for college in six months! Six months, internet. The length of a deployment. I have a feeling that it will go much faster than a deployment.

And in other other news, my daughter has an Instagram page with almost 400 followers. I found out about this recently. I don’t even have 100 Twitter followers, and I talk to them. She promises me that she doesn’t chat or exchange emails with anyone. I checked out the page and it is very cute. I am just shocked. Fortunately, there is no such thing as internet privacy at my house, and I monitor it closely now. Creative girl.

And raise your hand if you love to hate Downton Abbey. I am so frustrated with the soap opera that they are calling a Masterpiece Classic. I want to stay away, but I can’t! I can’t believe that final ending. Maybe my friend, Melanie, is right and it would be better with some zombies.

Easter Candy is on the shelves. I have a bag of Robin Eggs stashed in the stock pot in my pantry because I know with all of my being that no one will ever look there. I am slowly working my way through the bag. They are so good. I am a little concerned that they may have gluten in them, but don’t tell me if they do. I just don’t want to know. Because..

I have been a little sad lately about my gluten-free diet. I am not sure why. I haven’t cheated, but I want to. It started with donuts a couple of weeks ago. I made some, and they just didn’t cut it. Ever since then I have been craving baked goods that don’t require me to mix 4 different types of flours (if cornstarch is even a flour, I remain unconvinced) together before I can make them. And WHY do boxes of gluten-free mixes say in big fat letters “DO NOT EAT RAW PRODUCT”? Or something like that. Other than the raw eggs, why can’t I eat it? I have been eating raw cookie dough since I was old enough to hold a beater in my hand and eat all the delicious goodness off of it. So, are they just telling me not to eat it because of the eggs or because something in the flour is going to sprout in my stomach and start growing out of my ears? Just wondering. (shh…Don’t tell, but I have eaten it.)  I am sorry, but raw brownie batter is much better than the baked product.

I asked at dinner tonight, “Can anyone tell me what a mermaid’s purse is?” It was a little something that I learned at the zoo today. My oldest says, “yeah, I do.” I thought that he probably would because in his younger days he read everything he could about sea animals. “It is where Ariel keeps her money.”  Hardy har har, son. They were all high-fiving each other over the steamed broccoli. I am not sure why it was worthy of that, but whatever. They weren’t very excited about the answer, so I will tell you. It is a shark’s egg sac. The diver at the zoo pulled one off of the coral and was very excited to show it to us. You learn something new every day.