I can’t decide. Sometimes I like to cook, but usually I am just trying to get something edible and affordable on the table in a short amount of time. Spending hours in the kitchen perfecting a beautiful dish just to watch it be devoured in 15 minutes or less isn’t my idea of a good time. Yet every day I have to come up with something to feed my family.

Every. Day.

Years ago (think before the turn of the century) I had a notebook which held a rotating menu of my family’s favorite dinners. I was very good at making the same thing over and over again. This made everyone happy. My family isn’t much for surprises at the dinner table. They find comfort in knowing that when they sit down they are going to like the dinner. I catered to that. We ate a lot of pasta and comfort foods. It was a good system.

Then last year I started my gluten free diet. It has been one year now. I wrote recently about the things that I have learned in the last year. Some of them good and some of them discouraging.

I think the most discouraging thing about eating gluten free is the cost. Seriously! It is so expensive! At a time when the world around me is getting more expensive, I have had to add in fancy, expensive ingredients most of which I had never heard of before. (Teff flour, anyone?) And so to keep my food budget somewhat manageable I am always on the look out for healthy, inexpensive gluten free meals to feed my family. And it must be fast. I have more important things to do. You know, like reading the latest Karen Robards novel.

Dinner has become somewhat of adventure at my house. Some days the adventure is pleasurable and others it is not.(Fish sauce. Gross. Oh, so gross.) My family has been a pretty patient about the whole thing. I am the only one that has to be gluten free. Because I am the cook, I am going to make something I can eat. They have to suffer.

Don’t let me fool you. I am a sucker for sad faces. I buy all kinds of gluten filled, pre-processed foods for my kids to eat at lunch. They make the food themselves. I don’t have to cook it, and they are happy. It is joy all around.

But for the most part anything that comes out of the kitchen that has been made by me is gluten free. I thought it might be kind of fun to write about my cooking experiences. Also hilarious. You see, I am neither a foodie nor do I like taking pictures of food. If you are looking for something that is going to bring beauty to the world of food, you have come to the wrong place.

What I am going to do is promise myself to make two new gluten free recipes a week and blog about them here. Real recipes. Recipes that a kid would want to eat. Recipes that require somewhat normal ingredients that you don’t have to drive around to the fancy, “are you sure I am allowed in here?” store to find.

That is my plan. I just want cookies. Maybe some biscuits. Maybe something that is similar to the comfort foods of my pre-gluten free days. I am new to the world of gluten free. I think it may be fun to write about journey. Maybe I will even start to enjoy cooking. ( Hah! Like THAT is going to happen.) And so, I am going to make inexpensive, easy, family friendly meals and share them. I hope you like it here.