I finished my Christmas shopping early this morning. It is a pleasant feeling. I need to wrap things, but it feels great to have it done and within budget.

One of our Christmas traditions is hanging candy canes on the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Today at Target I made one last attempt at finding candy canes. Regular, peppermint, red and white candy canes. I had no luck.

Oh, could find blue candy canes, and multi-colored candy canes. I found Starburst candy canes, Skittles candy canes, and jelly bean candy canes. But nowhere though out the Target candy section which takes up two aisles did I find regular candy canes.

It isn’t just Target either. I have been looking for them for awhile. I don’t want to be a Scrooge or a Grinch, but I just want red and white candy canes. Why do the candy makers feel that they have to bombard us with a thousand choices of the same candy?

Candy Canes are a part of Christmas. It is fun to apply meaning the candy cane. The red is the blood of Jesus that washes us and makes us white as snow. The crook reminds us of the shepherd’s staff. The first who were invited to see the Savior.

And so for that, I do not want a blue and yellow candy cane, and multi-colored cane or any other color that resembles crayon shavings melted together.

Call me old-fashion, but I just want a red and white candy cane that tastes like peppermint.