This month I wanted to do something easy because we were going on vacation and because it is Christmas. There are so many things to do on Pinterest for Christmas. It is like Christmas vomited all over your computer monitor. No, I love it. Really. Deb, at Notinadequate, suggested I make sheet music candles. It was a perfect idea for me.

My biggest challenge was picking the sheet music. Heaven knows that I have plenty of it lying around here. Do I want to use a Christmas song? Do I want words on my candle? Should I use a piece of the old, old sheet music that I have? I scrounged around my old sheet music. No, I was not going to use this. For one, it was given to me. For two, they are all dated. Some are dated as early as 1922. Yes, they may be falling apart, but back under the bed they go. This brought me back to my sheet music cabinet. Oh, what to use? As I pulled out book after book, I found a reason that I could not use that piece. It was HARD.

Eventually, I found some music to choose from.

DSC_0386 - Copy

These were my three choices. I could cut one out of a book or tear one out of the old Christmas book that I have had for 25 years. Cutting the book didn’t seem a good option at the time, so I tore out one from my old book.


The music is titled “The Babe of Bethlehem”. I thought it was appropriate. I had my candle ready and my Mod-Podge. I love saying that word. Mod-Podge.

I trimmed the music and realized that it wasn’t going to go all the way around my candle. Nice. We will just have to put that part facing the wall. Then I realized that the staffs were not going to line up nicely on the candle. I didn’t want 2 full staffs and one half staff on the candle. That would look silly. And then I realized that this piece contained the guitar chords. That is it. I am not using this piece.

Back to the drawing board.

I went back to the classical Christmas music from the book. Do I cut it out? I had to be honest with myself. Was I going to really work hard and learn this piece from John Knowles Paine? No. I wasn’t. I cut it out.


Do you see those 32nd notes on there? No way was I going to learn that song. It was all good. I started working. I cut the music to fit the candle. It still wouldn’t wrap all the way around my candle. I am beginning to think that either the original blogger hid this little tid bit from us, or she used a smaller candle. I think she hid it. Clever. Well, I can do that too.

I Mod-Podged the sheet music and pressed it carefully on the candle. I am once again irritated. Not only does my music not fully wrap around the candle, but I have clearly chosen the wrong color candle for this project. I should have a white candle. My sheet music is pretty new. It is glaringly white. It is going to be very obvious that I glued this music to the candle.


The finished project. No, the candle isn’t leaning. I took the picture this morning. I was in a hurry. Bad photography skills. You can see it, anyway. Do you see the line? I don’t like it. At all. I decided that I would try gluing tissue paper on a candle.


Had I done a better job, that could be fun. The tissue paper was very delicate. It tore very easily. I think I would do that again, but use a higher quality tissue paper or maybe one that is more opaque so that you can see the candle through it.

Overall, I think this project is a cute idea. If I were to do it again, I would need to use a smaller candle. I don’t own any sheet music that would completely wrap around the standard candle that I bought. I would also need to make sure that the sheet music was a similar hue to the candle. The line across the top is not attractive. This project is easy and didn’t cost much. I could try it again. But for now, I am going to call it a….


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