Oh dear! It is Monday again! How did this happen? I had all these amazing intentions of blogging Chemistry and day trips and all that good stuff. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. The last week did seem to drag, but I guess it didn’t drag as much as I thought/


School is moving along at the Tressays house. I will admit that I am facing burnout. It is true. It is also true that I have been facing burnout for at least a year. I hit my head against the wall and chant softly to myself, “It matters. It matters.” I am not sure who I have convinced when I am all done, the wall or myself. It is hard swimming upstream and against the current, yet I see very good fruit coming from the investment. Glimmers really. Most often the struggle is my struggle. I just need to remind myself that this is good. It is right.


I went shopping with my husband yesterday. It is always dangerous when we deprive ourselves for a couple of months and then go out together for an afternoon. Maybe dangerous isn’t the word. Dangerous for the checkbook maybe. Oh, it was so fun! We bought a console table for the entryway and a new end table. It looks so pretty! Now I have something to stick knickknacks on. I am excited about this. I also bought new shoes and new clothes. And I was able to spend some much-needed time alone with my husband. It was a very nice day.


Thanksgiving is in two weeks! We are going to have a quiet day at home. Usually I make these very delicious cinnamon rolls for my family, but I am undecided this year. There may be a mutiny if I don’t make them. I do not want to try a gluten-free recipe on Thanksgiving and have them be icky, but I also don’t want to spend 3 hours making cinnamon rolls which I can’t eat. Oh, the indecision! And stuffing! Gluten free stuffing is gross. I think I will pass on the stuffing. It is all good. I will figure it all out, and Thanksgiving will be a nice holiday. I know it.


Do you think cookbooks are becoming obsolete? This is something that I have been thinking about. I was at the bookstore the other day with Freckle Face flipping through the cookbooks. It frustrates me because while some of the recipes look good I would probably not make a majority of them. Do I want to spend $30 on a cookbook for a handful of recipes when I can search Pinterest for some good ones. On the other hand, I love having cookbooks available. I still use some of the cookbooks that I received as wedding gifts. It is a tough one for me. Thoughts?


And on this Veteran’s Day weekend, I would like to remember my husband, my father, my brother, my grand-fathers, my brother-in-law, and my uncles. All of them have honorably served their country. It is a great country we have indeed. It is a special thing to have an all-voluntary military force. It is an honorable thing they do. May we always honor them for it.