My husband has been gone the past week. You would think, seriously, that I would be an old hat at this, but I am over it. I am past the point of throwing chicken nuggets in the oven for the kids for dinner. (I can’t eat them anyway.) I would like to have some adult conversation. Yes, Matthew is an adult now, but he doesn’t want to converse with me. I don’t blame him. So, yes. Husband, you can come home now.

Unless you live in another country or under a rock, you know that tomorrow is election day. I can’t wait for the election to be over. I am very sure that we will not know the results tomorrow night which is severely irritating. Plus, I will be watching the coverage with my kids. While this can be fun and educational, I would like to watch it with my husband. (see above)

I took Freckle Face to his physical therapy appointment last week. When they asked me if I needed a school note, I said no. What? No school note? So I explained that Freckle Face is homeschooled. Really? Where do you get your books? Amazon. How do you know he is getting all the subjects he needs? Sigh. This is where if I was in a movie you would see my imagined sequences of events how I ask the woman how she knows her child is getting all the subjects that he needs. And how is it possible she knows this if she doesn’t SEE it happen. But I am not in a movie, so I replied that my oldest was accepted into college. I must be doing something right.

I have to edit. Today at the doctor, they asked my daughter if she attended traditional school or if she was homeschooled. There is a box for that now! Dude, we are mainstream!

I am playing Words With Friends with 4 people. I am losing every game. For the second time in a row. I think it is a WWF conspiracy. Why is it that I always get the crazy letters every game? I think the game is against me because it is most likely impossible that I am this bad at the game. (Denial.)

My jeans told me this weekend that I need to eat less candy and exercise more. I told them that they had better be nice to me because they are replaceable.

I organized my pantry this weekend. It looks so much better. When we moved in 7 months ago, I just threw everything in there. As I was organizing it my son says to me, “Oh, it is good that you are cleaning this out. Everything was just all over the place.” So helpful. But it does look so much better! Now I can see what I need easily. Which is most everything. The commissary is calling me, and I am not answering the phone.

This weekend the kids and I went on a little trail walk. I wanted to get out of the house, so I figured that they did do. We had a nice time. It deserves a post of its own, but I want to add a little loveliness to this snarky post of mine. So I leave you with a pretty picture.