• I knew Random Monday was coming up. I lay in bed last night trying to drum up something for this post. I couldn’t fall asleep. This blog of mine kept me up until the wee hours, and now I am trying to caffeinate myself intravenously before the kids get up. Never a good plan.
  • Wednesday is Halloween or Reformation Day, whichever you prefer. I prefer both actually. We celebrate Reformation Day in the morning and later put on our costumes and practice socialism at its finest by begging our neighbors for candy. I read a great article from Steadfast Lutherans about the history of Halloween. Good stuff there.
  • I voted.  I am so over this election. I am currently living in a pretty pink state, but I vote in a very blue one. I like the fact that I have not received one political phone call and have seen very few ads. I do, however, find myself looking constantly for the latest poll. It is a sickness. I am looking forward to election day so that I may move on with my life.
  • My oldest is now 18. I am trying to decide if I should finally use his real name on my blog. The kid talks to people all over the internet, so at this point I don’t think saying his name is going to change anything. Last night, he received another call from the Dean. The school sure is going out of its way to make him feel welcome. (The president also sent him a T-shirt.) The Dean just wanted to know if he had any questions. Which of course, he didn’t. I have a question. How much money are you going to give him?
  • While I was sitting here, the bugle went off. Again. For the fourth time this morning. You would think that I would be so used to the sound by now that I don’t even hear it anymore, but that is not the case. It is difficult being on a base that is not of your own service. I think every military member should have to do it at least one time. It makes you appreciate things. You would think that it doesn’t matter the branch of service because we are all in the same military. But it does. Oh, it does.
  • Happy Monday, y’all! Head over to Not Inadequate to add yourself! It is fun! All the cool kids are doing it.