It is settled. I am going to have to eat gluten free for the rest of my life. I cheated while we were on vacation. I am paying for it now. Still. I am just going to say it. It sucks. And so I have decided that I am going to have to get my act together and make things more pleasant for myself.

I picked up a couple of mixes today while shopping at the commissary. One of them was the Hodgen’s Mill Bread Mix. The mix makes one loaf. $3.45 for one loaf. Sigh. Get over it, Tressa.

I mixed up the bread following the directions exactly. Warming up the eggs was something I have never done before, but it didn’t take long. I needed to make sure that I was precise. The whole process was very simple. The dough, which resembled batter more than dough, did not smell pleasant. I was worried. I set the dough to rise for a bit. It didn’t rise much pre-bake, but it did very well in the oven.


Right out of the oven. A lovely shade of brown. I was hopeful. The lovely smell of fresh baked bread lingered in my kitchen. It brightened my spirits. Anxiously I pulled out my bread knife and made the first slice.


Look at that! Beautiful slices! It sliced very easily. Not crumbly at all. I was pleased.

But how would it taste?

Delightful! That is how it tasted! I am so happy. Everyone in my family liked it too. It is even better than the store bought Udi’s. And even at the staggering price of $3.45, it is a better deal. I am just tickled. I am curious to see how it will taste in the morning. If it is still good, I may have found a new bread.