• I made pizza the other night for dinner. I couldn’t get the dough stretched properly, so I had a genius idea.


                                Oh, yeah. I turned it into a ghostie pizza. Freckle Face thought it was brilliant. Never let it be said that I am missing all creative juices.

  • And so begins another school week. I loved our vacation last week and don’t want to get back to school. I am sure that I speak for the kids as well.


  • I watched The Walking Dead with my husband last night. It is me trying to enjoy a little more TV with him. It isn’t scary, but it is pretty disgusting. I also happen to be reading Starbucked.  It is the story of Starbucks and how it influences our culture. Interesting read so far. Why do I include these together? Because last night I dreamed that I was running from walkers and to pacify the one living in my house, I brought him a caramel macchiato. I wish I was making it up.


  • A Whole Foods and a Trader Joes are coming to my area. I am very excited about this. Whole Foods is a little out of my price range, but it would be nice to go there for certain things. For example, beef. I am so tired of the fatty beef that I get from the commissary. Would it be worth it to pay a little (or a lot) more for a better cut? I am beginning to think that it might be. I made a new recipe last night for dinner and the meat was so fatty that is was difficult to enjoy.


  • On our way back from Virginia, a bird flew into our windshield. I have never owned a car that was so prone to hitting things. We were driving on the Historic Parkway, and a gust of wind blew. Leaves were falling from the trees. A pretty picture, right? Until BAM! We didn’t even see it coming. It was almost as loud as the blown tire hitting our windshield. Fortunately it didn’t crack the window. Honestly, we don’t even know if it was a bird. We just know that it wasn’t an acorn, and it wasn’t a rock. It left a smush mark on the windshield. It was too loud to be a bug, so we are assuming it was a bird by process of elimination.  Poor thing.


  • The scenery in Virginia made me very happy. It was just what I needed. I forgot how much I miss the trees. We have very few trees where we live. I am a tree hugger. I will say it. I love trees. Being near the trees again refreshed me.