Someone got her braces off! You can’t tell from this picture, but she is very happy.

These little cups are my favorite cooking aids. I don’t know what it is about them, but I reach for them all the time. They are so handy. I think I paid $4 for them at World Market.

I need a new hobby. I thought I would try beading. My daughter received a kit for Christmas a couple of years ago. She never made the jewelery, so I snagged it from her yesterday and tried my hand at jewelry making. I think it went OK. These bracelets were not difficult to make. I may have said a few naughty words in my brain as I was trying to thread the wire at the very end through the last beads. I will probably never wear these because they are too large for my wrists. Whether or not this will be my new hobby remains undetermined. I make a trip to the craft store today to see if I can get inspired.(I think there must be a trick to photographing bead work. I took 100 pictures of these dumb bracelets, and I didn’t get a decent one. You get the idea anyway.)

Portrait of Christopher Columbus - Free Pictures at Historical Stock

My husband has the day off today to remember Christopher Columbus. I think Columbus gets a bad rap. I am sure there is a bunch to the story that we don’t know. Regardless, I can’t imagine sailing away on a tiny ship across the Atlantic Ocean. The kids and I have toured an exact replica of the Nina. Taking that ship out to cross the ocean would take an extraordinarily large amount of guts. Does the guy need a federal holiday? I don’t know. It almost makes me wonder if we just needed a day off in October.

On that note, I am trying to decide whether or not to pull out the school books.  My head says yes, my heart says no. Since I am in the middle of making my way through the first season of Once Upon A Time, my heart will probably win this one. And in case you missed it, PBS has a new series, Call the Midwife. I am pretty sure that this is based on the book, The Midwife’s Memoir, which I read ages ago and loved. We are only 2 episodes into it. You can catch up quickly. I have enjoyed the first two episodes.