• If you hadn’t already noticed, I am a follower. And so, I am following Deb (once again. huh.) into a new bloggy thing. Random Monday. Actually, I am happy to follow . This could be fun.


  • I don’t care much for WordPress blogging. I don’t even know how long I have been here at WordPress. I am just too plain lazy to switch. Plus, I hosted all my pictures here. It would be one giant  PITA to switch now. Here I will remain. I just wanted to get that out there. That is what Random Monday is all about, right?


  • My son purchased himself a computer this weekend. I have been the sensible mom and have been asking him to save his money for college. He worked all summer, and I made him save every dime of it. Well, this weekend he was dog sitting, and he needed the computer. Oh, the travesty of having to share a computer with your brother and sister. My husband convinced me that now was the time. So my son pulled the money out of his savings account and bought himself a computer. He is so stinking happy. Sometimes I just need to shut my mouth and let him do what he wants. Yes, yes, it is a college expense! Chill, Tressa!


  • From my current book,The Small Rain by Madeleine L’Engle, “She cries a lot, doesn’t she? I mean, it doesn’t hurt to come out. It’s right there and I guess it stops the pain in your chest if it’s like that. I don’t cry easily. It gets all stopped up and I can’t.”  Yes.


  • Freckle Face has been playing a lot with the boy next door. I am exceedingly happy about this. He goes outside and rides his new skate board. He comes in sweaty and tired. When he comes in sweaty and tired, he doesn’t have the energy to tell me all about his Civilization III game. I am glad about that. I suppose this knocks me down a few points on the awesome mom chart, but I am OK with that. He is happy. I am happy. It is a beautiful thing.


  • My husband and I have been watching That 70’s Show every night before we go to bed. He has all the DVD’s. He would watch one every night on deployment. Anyway, we are watching them. I used to think the show was very funny. Now I think Donna is kind of a witch, and Eric is the nice guy that pretty much gets treated like garbage by all his friends. (I think this is because I am getting old.) Deep down my husband wants to be like Red. I don’t think I want to be like Kitty, but I do like her.


  • My daughter volunteered for The Red Cross recently. Her mission was to let people know that the flu shot was a good idea and now available. I told her under no circumstances should she tell anyone that we have no intention of getting the flu shot. Just smile and nod when they ask if you are going to get it. I am not anti-vaccine. I love me the Whooping Cough vaccine, and the Polio vaccine, and the Tetanus vaccine. My husband is the only one that gets the flu shot, and without fail he is the only one that gets the flu every year. If we had immune issues, I would do it. Now watch, we are all going to get the flu this year. That would be just my luck.