I love playing piano. I had always hoped that my kids would learn to play and love it as much as I do. Much to my dismay, this hasn’t happened. My oldest plays and plays pretty well, but he doesn’t love it and never sits down to play. My daughter can read music but has never wanted to play. After many battles, I let her quit. Freckle Face is now just again learning to play. He wanted to play and then changed his mind. I am not ashamed to say that I am forcing him to learn.

I told the kids one day that it is very rare to meet an adult who is happy that they quit taking lessons. It happens, but most of the time when adults finds out that I play, they mention that they really wish they could play. They mention that they hated it when they were a kids, so their parents let them quit. Now they regret that. They wish they could play.

The kids looked at me like I was crazy. Eye rolling may or may not have been involved. I don’t remember.

Yesterday, my daughter was talking to the mom of a little boy who she babysits. My daughter tells me the conversation went like this.

The Mom: So, does your mom have any hobbies?
My girl: Yes, she likes to play the piano a lot.
The Mom: oh, that is right! I wish I could play piano. I took lessons as a kid, but I hated them. My parents let me quit. I wish that I hadn’t quit.

My girl is telling me this later and she said to me, “Yeah, I was thinking that you just told me about this. I admit that I didn’t believe you. I thought yeah, right. Who would ever be sad that they quit? And here is Mrs. C telling me she is sorry that she quit. I guess you might be right after all. I still don’t want to play though.”

She is laughing as she tells me this. I am not sure if she is laughing because it is so absurd that I am right or because I just told her this story and here it is right in front of her. I suppose it is both. However, it is a victory for me. I am putting that tally squarely in my column. She may not want to
play piano now, and even if she ever wishes that she did, I know she will never admit it to me. But that is OK. The victory is already mine!